Communism…From a Distance

“Snipers came of age during World War II.” Snipers throughout the war became instruments of death. During World War I, snipers had been used to kill from a distance between trenches but they had not quite been used to their full lethal potential until further advancements with the usage of increased optics and weaponry as […]


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Parade of Athletes

During the late 1920s into the early 1930s, there was a debate about the difference between capitalist and socialist physical culture. In the past, before the revolution, most sports had been accessible only to the privileged social classes. The Bolsheviks had been isolated to the physical culture of sports and hygiene. But in the 1930’s […]

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No God, No Family, Only For Country

As Soviet Russia began to make shape and create it’s identity after the revolution an important tasks for the Bolsheviks was to “emancipate Soviet citizens from the scourge (or as Karl Marx put it, the “opiate”) of religion (Geldern).” By doing so they engaged with a literacy campaign in attempt to assist them on reducing […]

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Zlatoust Station

When you think about American history, most people tend to think about the time of our major industrial revolution in the 19th century. The driving factor behind such innovation and mass production was our building of the railroads. This was also a major stepping stone in Europe that drove their industrial revolution. The picture above […]

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